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"Intermédiaire", mémoire, Justine Pillon, 2017, ESAD de Valenciennes.

 Art and Design are two disciplines that lead to the production of aesthetic objects, either up at a level of a masterpiece for art, or done to be sold for design. They are however frequently divided into two distinct things.

Can we really say that there is a border between them? 
Inside this dissertation, through a comparison of the main characteristics which define these disciplines: aesthetics, nature, society, functionality and institutions, I have tried to find out if it is possible to be an artist and a designer, without claiming to be more in one of those disciplines than the other. With theoretical and physical references, I try to make a comparison with different characteristics. Aesthetics is at the root of them, artists and 
designers are submitted to public judgement, they often have nature for inspiration, and they are not out of society. They are dependant or not on institutions like museums to survive. Function is often associated to the main difference between Art and Design, but art is not useless, and design is not necessarily done to be used.   

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